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Why FUNdraise with 

The Expedition Soap Company?

 Our company's commitment includes extending out into our community and beyond, to create fundraising opportunities that are:


Healthy, Interesting, Affordable, Fun, and 
Different from all the others.  

We chose our top selling soap bars, bath bombs, body butters, and lather loofahs to offer an enticing lineup of options for your supporters to choose from while shopping online here on this website.  We can craft a social media/email post that you can share with your supporters, providing instant and greatest reach.

We offer luxury ~5oz handcrafted soap bars made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. All of our soap is handmade with love via the cold process technique in small batches.  Every bar of our soap has an organic grade-A Shea Butter base and 5 skin-loving plant-based oils.  Each bar sold comes individually clear shrink wrapped*.  

Our luxurious plant-based body butter is handmade in small batches as well. It's chock full of skin-loving oils: coconut oil, high oleic sunflower oil, cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil, organic Shea Butter, and jojoba oil.  You get soft, well-moisturized, soft skin that lasts all day long with our body butter. Try it and fall in love, as so many others do!  

Our bath bombs create a full sensory experience!  You get dreamy colors across the water, an amazing scent fills the air, and the fun of the bath bomb fizzing away in your tub, leaving behind the smooth skin-loving oils of organic Shea Butter and sunflower oil, plus beneficial skin softening sea salt. Our bath bombs are high quality and do not leave color residue behind. Indulge in a relaxing bath and come out with your skin smooth.  Use our bath bombs and fall in love with your "me" time!

 Expedition Soaps gets you clean without the chemical sheen!

We invite you to embark on an expedition into our world of luxury soaps & body products and know that you're indulging in one of the finest luxury sensory experiences for your skin.  With our Fundraisers, you can share our great products, while raising a considerable amount of money.  

You will earn $2.50 per soap bar sold, $4.00 per Body Butter, $2.00 per bath bomb, & $1.50 on every lather loofah sold.  Combined we give back an average of 37% of every order.

It's a win-win for both you and your supporters!


So, What are some of the BENEFITS of Fundraising with Expedition Soaps, Besides for the Generous Money Paid to your organization?

  • We have a unique, extensive variety of luxury product choices, yet we keep the fundraiser simple & user-friendly!
  • Everybody is your customer!  Everybody uses & needs soap & body products daily!
  • Most people that use our Soap, Body Butter, & Bath Bombs fall in love with our brand!
  • Our Soap, Body Butter, & Bath Bombs are great for all skin types & we even offer specialty bars.
  • Our soap has a non-expiring shelf life, so long as it's kept individually wrapped and kept out of humidity!
  • Our soap, body butter, & bath bombs are very reasonably priced for the excellent quality you get!
  • Most people order more than just one bar of soap!  
  • Our products make for excellent, luxurious, and easy gifts for everyone and anyone!
  • Our products are easy to distribute - no refrigeration necessary!
  • Our products are made from only the finest quality ingredients and they're a great choice when it comes to caring for your skin.
  • Customers love the creamy, dreamy lather in all of our soap bars.  
  • Customer's love the amazing scents of our Soap Bars, Body Butter, & Bath Bombs.
  • Customer's love the natural ingredients and organic grade-A Shea Butter on their skin.
  • Customers tend to prefer healthier-choice products like ours when supporting a fundraiser! 
  • Your supporters will like and will use our products.  So, they will see this fundraiser as a worthwhile endeavor. 
  • Your supporters will feel good about purchasing our products, while supporting your organization, because of our high quality, and this reflects well on your organization!
  • Our product line is aids people in making healthier skin care choices.
  • Our products bring a fresh, new alternative fundraiser choice, compared to the cookie dough, pizza, popcorn, pasta, and similar type fundraisers.




We Have a Wide Variety Soaps for You to Explore!

Our Soaps

Our cold processed soaps are handcrafted from the finest natural and plant ingredients, without any of the harsh chemicals that you will find in a commercial "soap" bar.  Each of our bars are crafted with 5 (Not 4, not 3, but 5!) natural skin-loving plant oils (coconut, sunflower, olive, corn & soybean oils), all the glycerin produced when making the soap bar, organic Grade A Shea Butter and then some delightful treats for your skin, and/or scents and essential oils are added in for a delightful combination. All of our soaps are biodegradable.  Come on an expedition with us and fall in love with our brand!
Ditch those inferior harsh chemical cleaners that some companies mix together to make low priced "soap" and give your skin the love it deserves from our natural products!  Discover the huge difference by checking out our amazing ingredient list described under each product when shopping (Be sure to read "Why Buy Our Soaps" & "10 Things you NEED to know" from the pull-down menu on the top right!).  Then, go ahead and try our delightful soap bars for yourself & feel the difference!

You do have a choice! You can choose to spend a little more (and it's really not that much more for a great product that was made with love) and treat your skin well daily, with our natural vegan bars filled with great ingredients, or you can pay with your skin by using a commercial inexpensive chemical "soap" product!  

Just because you can buy low cost "soap" doesn't mean it's a great way to treat your skin!  Pampering your skin is important!  Think about what you are purposely rubbing into your skin on a daily basis.  Proper skin care begins with your soap bar... what's in your soap?