Expedition Soaps is Owned & Run by Teen Brother Entrepreneurs

Spencer Kelly is the 19-year-old owner and founder of Expedition Soaps.  His younger brother Grant Kelly is 16 years old and is the General Manager of the company.  Grant is in charge of daily operations at Expedition Soaps, while Spencer is attending Oakland University studying in their Honors Business Program, as of Fall 2019.

Together, with their mom, Tracie Kelly, they are a team dedicated to bringing you their REAL products and REAL great customer service!  

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We Have Something for Everybody!

Hello & Welcome!  We're The Expedition Soaps Family! 

Mom & Dad [Tracie & Steve] support Spencer & Grant in 

their quickly growing business.  With over 50 products offered

 in our fundraiser, Expedition Soaps has something for everyone!  

Our products make great gifts too, so it's the perfect time 

to buy something special for your loved ones for this holiday season!


We Advocate to Support Autism Acceptance

We use our business as a platform to help support autism awareness & acceptance 

in a few  different ways by giving our time, treasure, & talents to share Spencer's journey

 from autism to entrepreneurship, while being an inspiration to the autism community.





My Story of Why & How I Created
The Expedition Soap Company
by Spencer Kelly


My story starts one afternoon at the beginning of summer 2016 when I was 14 years old and just out of 9th grade. My friend and I were walking out of a restaurant when to our dismay, our bicycles had been stolen! This upset me greatly because that bicycle had gotten me everywhere!  It was my set of wheels that allowed me my freedom, my "car" before my car! To my luck, my dad bought me a new replacement bike, as he knew how important my bike was to me. But he had one condition - that I figure out a way to repay him by the end of that summer!  Being brought up with a capitalistic mindset and having read many books on business, I instantly began my quest for a way to make the money to repay my dad.

I figured out a way to turn the bad luck of having my bike stolen into good luck!  I decided to create my own retail online soap company. You see, I was in the shower and I didn't want to use the liquid soap that my mom had put there. I wanted bar soap, something that I could hold onto and scrub with. I didn't want ordinary bar soap with those harsh and unhealthy chemical ingredients. I wanted a soap bar that had gentle, natural ingredients that could lather great.  I thought,  Why can't I make a better soap?  That was my ah-ha moment!

Well, we all probably know why a then 14-year-old boy cannot really make a soap bar well, so I set out with my idea to find soap artisans that would support my vision.   All of my soap bars, body butter, and bath bombs are handcrafted with love, by a wonderful family of skilled & experienced artisans that are committed to creating a luxury use experience with every product they create.  They handmake our natural products, then we hand cut and hand package every single product with my brand. Together, we have a great partnership!

Every one of my soap bars begins with 5 skin-loving plant oils to delight your skin, including coconut oil, olive oil, corn oil, soybean oil, and sunflower oil.  Then, organic Shea Butter is added into this base and this is THE basis for each one of my cold process soap bars.  My bars differ in variety due to the various add-ins of the highest quality, skin-safe phthalate-free fragrance oils (and/or essential oils) and colorants, as well as some additional all-natural skin treats for scrubbing, exfoliation or detoxing. An added bonus is the creamy, dreamy lather you'll experience when you wash with my soap bars.

 Now you can understand why we say that "We Are What's REAL in Skin Care"!  All of my soap bars are premium luxury REAL soap bars that are scented so deliciously, you just might be tempted to bite into the bar, like I was and did! ...Warning! Do not sniff the soaps when hungry! (Just joking!)

 In February 2017, I added to our product line skin-softening handmade vegan organic Shea Butter body butter.  In September 2017, I have added handmade organic Shea Butter bath bombs into our product line.  In October 2019, I added handmade organic Shea Butter Luxurious Lip balms. All of these product lines are just an amazing sensory delight, from smell to feel and superb quality.  Just wait until you give these a try!

 I am Spencer Kelly, an 18-year-old entrepreneur and homeschool high school graduate.  I started attending Oakland University this fall 2019 on their Presidential Gold Merit-Based Scholarship.   I also happen to have Asperger Syndrome (an Autism Spectrum Disorder) and part of my company mission is to give back and create awareness about autism. I live in Lake Orion, MI.  Having been inspired back in 5th grade when I began reading business books, I knew running my own business was right for me!  I have big entrepreneurial dreams & my company began with a dream, an open mind, a lot of hard work, and some amazing bars of soap!

 I found that starting a business from scratch is challenging in many parts, like even coming up with a good company name & logo. But every challenge that I encounter is worth the reward of creating this awesome business that I did!

 When I created the name "The Expedition Soap Company", I remembered reading about the struggles of the Victorian explorers of Africa, and I wanted to tribute my site to my love of history.

Being that I am an avid reader and study of words, just look at the definition for:

 ex·pe·di·tionˌekspəˈdiSH(ə)n/  noun1.a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration.

 The Expedition Soap Company name is just fitting, as we're all on a journey in life. But, when we are open to exploring new experiences, your mind will grow and your whole life can change (and smell better!)!  Now, I have a business that I never dreamed possible, and I couldn't be more grateful for this expedition that I have embarked upon.

 If you would, please join me in my expedition, and you will be sent into sensory heaven with my delightfully scented soaps, amazingly silky-smooth body butter, plus luxurious relaxing bath bombs.  Your shower will never be the same again!

 Even better than just owning a business, I give back to communities far and near,  through ExpeditionSoapsFundraising.com, my other website which is dedicated just to fundraising! We give back approx. 40% on my products, and our fundraiser can rival even the biggest companies, with our near 40% returns!

 The entire fundraiser is very simple and user-friendly, as well!  I also give back to USAutism.org, and OU CARES, two autism organizations that I love to support!  I also hold random giveaways on Facebook and via e-mail, so be sure to follow along on these social platforms to participate.  There is one lesson in life that I learned young:  You Get Back What You Give!  It's important to me to give back when I can, as this is an important part of my life expedition!


Spencer Kelly, 18-year-old 

owner & founder of The Expedition Soap Company
ExpeditionSoaps.com * ExpeditionSoapsFundraising.com

photo: June 2016. Spencer Kelly about to take his 1st ride on his new bike... the bike that inspired his soap company.