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Thanks for Checking in here to see what's happening with Spencer, Grant & The Expedition Soap Company!  Check Out All These Amazing News Stories!

05/04/2020 Deena Centofanti of Fox 2 News tells our story of donating Body Butters During Covid-19 to local area hospital front line workers.  It's awesome!  See it here: see news story

04/28/2020 Shane Larson interviews Tracie Kelly (mom), Spencer Kelly (owner), & Grant Kelly (GM).  This is a great interview!  goto interview

01/29/20 Spencer Kelly & Grant Kelly are featured again on CBS Detroit News.  Check out their awesome story by clicking here!

07/09/19  Spencer Kelly spoke at Oakland University, at OU Inc. [aka OU Incubator], hosted by the OU School of Business Administration, to a group of high school students in a summer Business program, about his story and entrepreneurship.  Pics are shared on our Face Book page. Another excellent presentation by Spencer Kelly.

07/05/19  Spencer Kelly is feature #24 on in answering the question, How Did You Choose Your Business Name?

06/29/19  Spencer Kelly and The Expedition Soap Company are published in The New York Times article by Jon Hurdle, "Mom, Can I Stay Up to Prepare for my Pitch?" Read it here:

04/25/19  Spencer spoke at OU [Oakland University], hosted by  

OUCARES: How I Became an Entrepreneur & How You Can Too:  Meet 17-year-old Spencer Kelly, with ASD and Operating The Expedition Soap Company For Autism Awareness Month.

04/03/19  Spencer spoke at OU [Oakland University] to faculty, staff, & students, In honor of World Autism Awareness Day,  about How to Support the ASD Student in Your Classroom:  A Perspective Given by a Student with Autism.  This was a CLOSED event, only open to OU staff/faculty/students. Watch Spencer's Speech by clicking here.

04/01/19 Spencer created a 5 min video on Autism Advocacy for New York Irvington Town Hall Theatre, which will be shown April 12th.  

03/05/19   Lindy Treece published an interview with Spencer Kelly on her blog Social Transgression: Embracing our Differences and Striving for Change. It's a great read on autism and entrepreneurship.

02/28/19  Spencer Kelly & The Expedition Soap Company became proud members of The Orion Area Chamber of Commerce.

02/16/19 registered a Trademark for [with green mountain logo], - Good, Clean FUNdraising [with green mountain logo], and Expedition Soaps [with green mountain logo].  You can read more information by clicking here:, and Expedition Soaps

12/29/18  Today Spencer & Expedition Soaps were included in Carol Cain's Top Moments of 2018 in The Sunday Detroit Free Press.  You can read her story here:  Carol Cain's Top Moments of 2018

12/18/18  Today Spencer spoke about Entrepreneurship to Novi High School's DECA team & other interested Novi HS students.

12/14/18  Today TEEN BO$$ Magazine hit the newsstands with an amazing spread on Spencer & The Expedition Soaps! This is a quarterly published magazine.  Not online but is on our Facebook. Distributed across the USA.

12/10/18  Pure Balance Massage in Clawson, MI began selling a fine assortment of Expedition Soaps Bath Bombs.

11/29/18 - 12/01/18 Spencer Spoke on a panel at USAutism's The World Conference & Expo on Autism in Las Vegas, NV

Spencer Kelly spoke on a self-advocacy panel, at The 13th Annual World Conference for Autism in Las Vegas, NV this November 29th - December 1st, 2018 for his 2nd year in a row!  Last August 2017, he spoke at The World Conference for Autism on a self-advocacy panel in Portland, OR. Spencer shared his inspiring story of entrepreneurship in creating this successful company while having the extra challenge of having Asperger Syndrome.  He hoped to share and inspire others to keep working to identify and achieve their goals & dreams.  He was also an exhibitor and sold out of all of his products at his booth.  

Some of his favorite conference moments from 2017  were sitting next to Temple Grandin on his panel, having the opportunity for Grandin to stop by his booth & discuss business for a while, as well as celebrating her 70th birthday at a private dinner function!  Some of his favorite memories in 2018 was sharing his autism journey on stage

Thank you, Dr. Lawrence Kaplan and for this amazing invitation! We enjoyed joining you again at The 13th Annual World Conference on Autism this November 2018 Las Vegas!

11/22/18 Chance on Main, in Pennington, NJ began selling a vast selection of Expedition Soaps products.

10/20/18  Expedition Soaps Eye on Detroit was shared on

10/12/18  Expedition Soaps Eye on Detroit was shared on MSN.COM

10/12/18  Spencer & Grant Kelly were featured in CBS 62 Detroit's Eye on Detroit

09/17/18  Spencer is featured in's Weekly Newsletter [They are updating their website and links have changed.  We will re-link the article when/if possible.]

09/14 - 16/18  USA Today published Carol Cain's story from The Detroit Free Press IN PRINT, WEEKEND EDITION.  See it here: USA TODAY

09/13/18  Spencer's story was recapped here: Stuff Asperger People Like

09/13/18  The Petoskey New's shared Carol Cain's story on Spencer Kelly, see it here: The Petoskey News

09/12/18  The Autism Gazette published Spencer Kelly's story, see it here: The Autism Gazette

09/12/18  USA Today published Carol Cain's story from The Detroit Free Press ONLINE.  See it here: USA TODAY

09/08/18    The Detroit Free Press, Carol Cain wrote Spencer Kelly's story.  Read it here:  Spencer Kelly in The Detroit Free Press

09/01/18  Tribute video celebrating Spencer Kelly and 2 year anniversary of The Expedition Soap Company and found on 2 Year Celebration of

07/23/18 Spencer was honored by being highlighted in the President of Oakland Universities Annual Addressing Success Video.  You can see it here OU President Dr. Ora Pescovitz, MD Highlights Spencer

07/12/18 Spencer can now be found on Premium.

07/9 - 13/18 Spencer Kelly attended Oakland Universities Business Essentials Summer Program.  

07/01/18  Wise & Grandson, located in Marblehead, OH, started carrying began selling a great selection of The Expedition Soap Companies products.

06/22/18 - 07/06/18 Spencer Kelly attended University of Michigan LEAD Summer Business Institute.  Launched by The Wharton School of Business & U of Penn, 1,000 rising High School Seniors applied, 175 were accepted, and 30 were hosted at U of M, including Spencer.

06/18-21/18 Spencer Kelly attended Albion College Gerstacker Business Bootcamp.

05/09/18  Spencer Kelly & his mother Tracie were invited back to this year's conference, to the 13th Annual World Conference on Autism, to speak as guest panelists (on separate panels).  This conference took place on the weekend following Thanksgiving 2018, in Las Vegas, NV.  Further information can be found here: US Autism Association

05/03-06/18 Spencer was at the Michigan International Women's Show, selling his products all weekends.  See this link for more information:  Michigan International Women's Show.

04/20/18  Spencer Kelly's video was published in the's weekly newsletter for Autism Awareness.  Be sure to check it out by clicking on this link!  Spencer is thrilled to share his story with the autism community, and this newsletter has an over 30,000 reach!

04/09/18  Spencer Kelly received a letter of recognition and congratulations from the Dean and Professor of Finance, at Oakland University School of Business Administration, Michael A. Mazzeo, Ph.D., from Spencer's story that was published earlier this year, in their Business School Magazine, Insight.

04/08/18  Autism Spokesperson, Spencer Kelly, self-published a YouTube Video describing his life with Asperger's Syndrome, an ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Please share and watch this interesting story here:  Spencer Kelly Spokesperson for Autism Awareness

04/03/18  Tonight on the 10:00 pm news, Spencer's success story aired for Autism Awareness month in the Tampa, FL and surrounding area.  You can check it out here: Fox 13 News Live Tampa, FL or scroll down by date on our Facebook page and you will see the 3 videos that we recorded here: ExpeditionSoaps Facebook Page.

04/03/18  Spencer's article was published in The Oakland Post, Oakland Universities Newspaper.

03/29/18 Oakland Universities independent student magazine, The Pioneer, winter 2018 ed., published Spencer's story in their magazine.  See him on pages 2, 8 & 9.

03/09/18  Spencer, his brother Grant, & his mother Tracie entered into a contract with a major TV Network in California.  But, due to the contract confidentiality, this is all we can tell you for now!

03/07/18 Gatto's Place in Roseville, MI began carrying Expedition Soaps products.

03/02/18 registered a Trademark for and Pseudo Mark name Expedition Soaps.  You can read more information by clicking here: Trademark Application

02/28/18 Bullz Boxing Club, located inside The Legacy Center, in Oxford, MI began selling a customized specialty soap bar.

02/12/18 Fox 29 Philidelphia aired The Expedition Soap Co. HealthWorks by Deena Centofanti [Detroit Fox 2] story

01/29/18  SBA at OU - The School of Business Administration at Oakland University has published a full-page feature article about Spencer & The Expedition Soap Company in their Winter 2018 Edition Magazine called Insight.  This magazine has a reach of 20,000 Oakland University Alumni, Friends, and Partners.   Scroll down by date on our Facebook page to see it (not available online).

01/18/18 Nell's Nest located in Hillsdale, MI began selling a great selection of The Expedition Soap Companies products.

12/01/17  Spencer's story was shared on FOX 2 NEWS DETROIT with Deena Centofanti's Health Works.  See it here:   FOX 2 NEWS DETROIT: TEEN WITH AUTISM SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR

12/01/17  Spencer Kelly was published in Spectrums Magazine.  His article and interview are amazing!  Be sure to read it here:  An Expedition to Entrepreneurship Spencer's published on pages 12,14,& 15

11/16/17  Spencer's story was shared on the Rochester Patch.  Read it here:  Oakland University Student Launches Organic Soap Business

11/16/17    Spencer's story was published on the Troy Chamber of Commerce website.  Read it here:  Oakland University Student Launches Organic Soap Company

11/16/17  Spencer's story was shared on the Oakland Township Patch website.  Read it here:  Lake Orion Teen Makes a Splash with Start-Up Soap Company

11/15/17  Spencer's story was shared on the Automation Alley website.  Read it here:  Oakland University Student Makes a Splash with Start-Up Soap Company

11/14/17  Spencer's story was published on the Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce website.  Read it here:  OU Student Makes a Splash with Start-Up Soap Company

11/14/17   Spencer's story was published on the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce website.  Read it here:  OU Student Makes a Splash with Start-Up Soap Company

11/10/17 Spencer's story was published in the Rochester & Rochester Hills Gazette.  Read it here:  Local Teen Breaks Barriers Through Learning & Entrepreneurship

11/08/17  Spencer story was published in the Different Brains online newsletter, along with a photo of Dr. Reitman and him.  Check it out here:  From Silence to Soap

11/02/17 Spencer was published on Different Brains website, with his story From Silence to Soap:  An Entrepreneur with Asperger's Shares His Journey.  Read it here:

11/01/17 Oakland University Front Page Feature Article on Spencer: OUCares Alum Makes A Splash With Startup Soap Company - read it: Oakland.Edu  (Scroll on the side arrow on the big, main front page photo.).  If you want just the story for printing, here's the link: Spencer on Oakland University's Website

10/31/17 'A Mix on M-46' in St. Louis, MI began selling The Expedition Soap Company's products.

10/08/17 Green Hippo Gifts store in Downtown Lake Orion, MI began selling The Expedition Soap Company's products.

9/02/17 Spencer's Interview for Sao Paulo Brazil on YouTube: produced by Erica Lima mae & brainstormer: Brainstorming Empoderando pais de gente especial

8/29/17 HSLDA Online Blog: How a Teen with Asperger’s Became an Entrepreneur

8/25/17  Spencer Kelly spent a week in Portland, OR for The World Conference on Autism, where he was a panelist speaker.  Spencer also sold out of all his products here!  He sat next to Temple Grandin.  This was a life-changing event for Spencer!  Thank you, USAutism.ORG for including Spencer.

8/18/17 Oakland County Prosper -Entrepreneurship Spencer's story was shared here

8/10/17 Online Newsletter: Spencer Kelly to Speak & Exhibit at The World Conference on Autism

8/9/17 The Oxford Leader: Budding Soap Mogul Invited to Speak at Conference

5/26/17  Letter from Gary C. Peters, US Senator:  Spencer was recognized by personal mail in a letter from Gary C. Peters, United States Senator, congratulating him for being a successful young entrepreneur, as well as an inspiration and leader to other young entrepreneurs.

Spring 2017 The Oxford Wildcat - See Page 9: OVA STUDENT LAUNCHES HIS OWN COMPANY

4/7/17  PRESS RELEASE:  One Million Bars: The Expedition Soap Story:  Contact for his latest Press Release with photos, written by Ed Szykula at (Kracoe, Szykula, & Townsend Inc Industrial Marketing Communications Team)

3/30/17 Online Newsletter:  Budding Soap Mogul Doesn’t Let Anything Stop Him – Not Even Asperger’s

3/16/17 The Lake Orion Review:  Budding Soap Mogul Doesn’t Let Anything Stop Him – Not Even Asperger’s

2/22/17 Soothe-Your-Soul store in Oxford, MI began selling The Expedition Soap Company's products.

2/17/17 Spencer was recognized by personal mail in a letter from Michigan State Representative John Reilly, congratulating him for his hard work, dedication, and love for his business, as well as serving as an inspiration for all students.  

2/13/17  Spencer Kelly was named Student of the Week at  OXFORD VIRTUAL ACADEMY 

2/08/17  1st Newspaper Article - The Oxford Leader:  Budding Soap Mogul Doesn’t Let Anything Stop Him – Not Even Asperger’s


8/03/16 The Expedition Soap Company, LLC was legally formed and filed with MI DEPT LARA.  Spencer Kelly is 100% the sole owner and member.  Spencer is 14 years old.