5 Easy Steps for Fundraising Success

1.     Let’s discuss your fundraising needs!  We can be reached by calling us at (845) EXP-SOAP or (845) 397-7627 or email us at fundraising@expeditionsoaps.com, or through Facebook messenger.  Also, be sure to check out ExpeditionSoapsFundraising.com.
2.     Fill out and submit to us a Fundraiser Application by email or regular mail, to move forward in planning and securing your fundraiser dates!  Once we receive your fundraising application, we can go over it together and discuss the fundraiser, to be certain that we’re all on the same page, with the same expectations.
3.     As an option to you, we can create a professional e-mail/social media post with all your fundraising details and direct links to ExpeditionSoapsFundraising.com that your participants can easily disseminate to their supporters.  This can be shared online with all social media accounts and via email.  This is a highly recommended and easy way to advertise your fundraiser easily and reach many supporters instantly!
4.     Once your fundraising date arrives, your organization can begin right away with all online orders! * Online at the purchase point for each product, there are two box prompts for your supporters to fill in for your organization name and participants name, so that your supporters’ purchases are clearly linked to your group. We will provide feedback to you as the fundraiser progresses via spreadsheet.

*NOTE:  By MI law, sales tax is to be collected on all your supporter’s purchases and will be paid to The Expedition Soap Company. Our products are not sales tax exempt, even if your organization is.  All sales made outside of MI will not have sales tax attached.

You can also have the choice of an ongoing fundraiser with us, for your organization, with monthly payouts.

That’s it! 

It’s that easy to fundraise with ExpeditionSoapsFUNdraising.com! 

Thank You for your interest!

Feel free to contact us with further questions or to get started with a fundraising application!

We can discuss your needs, then we can email you an information packet with our application an information.   Thank you!