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*****  Annette A. [08/18/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love your vision, passion and wholesomeness! So excited to experience your wonderful soaps!!!     

*****  Samanthia Z. Z. [08/18/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

 I always love how I can smell that you are at a venue long before I see your booth!

***** Carol C. C. [08/18/2019]  {via Facebook Comment}

I think the Company is special because of who started it and the reason!

***** Shelley S.H. [08/18/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

Body butter is wonderful!!

***** Janet L. [08/18/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

What an awesome entrepreneur! Love your soaps! They smell delightful until the very end of the bar..~

***** Ryan K. [08/18/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

Great product, great client service!!! The bath  Bombs are OUTSTANDING!!!!   My kids love the product and everyone brings a new freshness to the house lol!!!

***** Lorie W. [08/18/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

Met you and your family at the Shipshewana on the Road show in Birch Run a few years ago, and have not used any other soaps since then - these are absolutely the BEST

***** Lynn Y. [08/18/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

Love the fragrances of each but my fave is Bee Happy Michigan- so much so that I am afraid to use it! It's a personal problem I have with things I love!! Want to keep forever!!😉

*****  Jennifer L. [08/18/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I agree with all of the other comments! Your products are by far the best.

*****  Loretta P. [08/17/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I absolutely love the body butter.   It glides on, isn't greasy, and smells phenomenal!

*****  Jenni M. D. [08/17/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love your original smells and convenient sizes. I love knowing I’m supporting a local small business too!

*****  Brenda M.R. [08/17/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love the products. I buy the unscented goat milk soap and body butter. I also have met Spencer and I am so impressed, with what he has done. Keep up the good work and god bless you, as you go off to college.

***** Gail S. [08/17/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I Purchased for the first time at a craft show last fall and can’t wait to buy more this year at Fraser high school. Fell in love with the scents of the hand cream and plan to purchase more as gifts.  My other reason for purchasing was because I was so impressed by this young man. I wish more people were like him!

***** Marie K. [08/17/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

All the products are amazing. But what I love the most is this family. They are sweet and kind and work together to get the job done

***** Sibyl T. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love everything and so do my girls and my mom!! The soaps and body butters are heavenly!! And we love the Kelly family!!

***** Nikki G.-S. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love the body butter!!  I love supporting a young entrepreneur

***** Laura R. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

First and foremost I am truly impressed with Spencer, he is an amazing young man, an inspiration to us all. Secondly, I love your products especially the body butter, you can use this from head to toe. I love it!

*****  Dayna W. O. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

Ingredients! I love the quality ingredients of your products!!


*****  Janet R. R. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

Spencer is an inspiration to all of us that we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

*****  Victoria B. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

Body butter is the bomb! And Spencer you are truly an inspiration. Love this company!!!

*****  Peggy W. S. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love the quality products,  and the JOY I can tell is infused into the entie company!!  Amazing customer service,  and fabulous gift giving products!! 

***** Brittany S. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love everything about this company! The products are absolutely amazing and I love the story behind the company!

***** Angela S. H. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love that you are local and when I purchase I am supporting a local business.  I also love your ambition and what you have accomplished at such a young age.  Your soaps smell amazing !

***** Jennifer L. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

You are my favorite soap company! I've tried others but they don't compare to yours. My favorite sents  are Lavender Patchouli & Coconut Breeze! Your body Butter is Fabulous ❣️❣️

***** Nicole L. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love that you are local and I can support a local business! 

I also love the lather and scent of your soaps. They are not over powering but also have a distinct scent.

***** Lisa L. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I LOVE everything I’ve tried! The bar soaps smell amazing, the lotion is fabulous, and the bath bombs are huge! I also love that the ingredients are safe for sensitive skin so my daughter and I can both use them. Last but not least, the Kelly Family are just great people, so there’s that too. ❤️

*****  Wendy B. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love what your family, especially Spencer, has built from a simple idea/necessity.  The products are fantastic and your soap is all I have used for the last 2 years. The scents and the way they lather up is wonderful! I will continue to be a dedicated user of your soaps.

*****  Judy Holly T. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

Spencer gives me hope that my son will achieve great things as well! Love the  soaps and lotions!

*****  Sarah Z. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love the lotions the best but everything is great. And even more than that I love this small companies dedication to its customers and giving back to the community.  You guys rock!  Best of luck Spencer- I know you’ll do great things!!

*****  Amy F. B. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

Love the products!!!! Shopping local and supporting a young man with a great vision & passion for helping others !!

***** Jennifer Pam C. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love the lotion!  I also love the soaps.  Amazing products.  I love the how a young man developed such an amazing business.  Good luck this year at Oakland!

***** Patti W. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

Love the awesome customer service as well as the soaps!

***** Tanya G. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love Spencer’s vision and passion for soap!

***** Toby H. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love your soaps and body butters! They make great gifts! Love your family, too! 🛀🏻 💚

***** Elizabeth H. [08/16/2019] {via Facebook Comment}

I love everything about your company and products!

*****  Loretta P. [11/24/18] {verified reviewer - YotPo on website}

This product in simply incredible and smells wonderful. I bought the winter berry body butter. Non greasy and makes my skin feel like silk (and I'm 60). I am ordering some for Christmas gifts.

***** Natasha W. [07/22/19] {via Facebook Comment}

Everybody I gave stuff to is starting to use it and the feedback is excellent 🙂 (I couldn't part with the Coconut Breeze lotion, it is MY favorite!!! I hide it in the bathroom so nobody else can use it - LOL) I will definitely be reordering soon.

***** Satisfied Customer [07/22/19] {via Facebook Comment}

I love this lotion! I love the soft delicate scent it has! Not overpowering at all! I also love the natural ingredients! I have very sensitive skin and love this. It keeps my skin hydrated all day!

*****  Nancy B.  [12/08/2018] {verified reviewer - YotPo on website}

Had I known I'd love this so much, I would have bought more! I'm an Aveda hand cream fan, but I'm telling you, this feels just as wonderful. A pea-sized dab does the entire hands beautifully. Not greasy. Smooth and silky. Feels like a luxurious cream but a fraction of the price. I think I may have to say good-bye to my old stuff. -on body butter

***** Lynn S. [11/29/2018] {verified reviewer - YotPo on website}

 Unique - As an artist, I am picky about colors and I love unique scents. This one went well in my half bath and I was floored at how long it lasted and how soft it made my hands. It only takes a little rub to create a big lather! - on Coco Beach

***** Debra N. [07/27/18] {verified reviewer - YotPo on website}

Great Rose Scented Soap I enjoy lightly scented flowery soaps with rose being my favorite. I had been looking for a long time for a rose scented soap made of natural ingredients that also lathered up well. They were not easy to find! I first saw Expedition Soaps at a conference in Lansing where I was helping a friend with her booth and the Expedition Soap booth was across the aisle. I bought a bar of War of the Roses to try and I loved it! It has a great lather with the gentle rose scent I enjoy so much. I highly recommend this product. 

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