• * Create Your Own Holiday Gift Pack


    It's the Holiday time of year that we all love so much!  What better a way to celebrate, than to be able to grab a gift for someone special that's so thoughtful, yet a no-brainer gift for you to give!  This is a good month's supply of our soap (plus lather loofah), body butter, and lip balm

    Introducing our 2021 Santa Soap Combo Holiday Packs!  YOU get to customize your Santa Pack from a selection of our holiday products!  This way, it's just the gift you want to give, for just that special person!  They're going to remember your thoughtful, unique gift because they're going to use it and love it!  How many gifts out there can you actually say that about?  For more information and pictures, click on the video above!

    Here's the rundown of your choices.  But, first real quick, here's a breakdown of the masculine vs feminine scents, to assist you in your decision making!  We truly have something for everyone:

    Click on any of the product names below to be taken to that page for their full description.

    Masculine Scents:

    Alaskan Pine


    Wild Pine

    Snowman's Soap

    Michigan Pine

    Scent neither masculine nor feminine, just soap for anyone:

    Cherry Crisp

    North Pole Chocolate

    Koala Bear Care

    Santa's Scrub

    The Holly Jolly Elf

    Spice it Up! Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

    Frankinmyrrh Scrub

    Oh Christmas Bee [our top selling scent - Bee Happy MI]

    Feminine Scent:


    9-oz [medium sized] Body Butter Scents:

    Body Butter Info

    Lather Loofah:

    Lather Loofah

    Expedition Luxury Lips:

    Expedition Luxury Lips