Goat's Milk Refresh Mint

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Expedition Soaps: 

Organic Grade-A Shea Butter 

Natural & Vegan Ingredients 

Creamy, Dreamy Lather 

No Harsh Chemicals

  Amazing Scents


What's Not to Love?

Product Description: Okay!  Here it is!  This Goat's Milk Shea Butter soap bar is another one in our amazing soap collection!  With Goat's Milk added into this bar, you're getting an extra special treat for your skin!  Goat's Milk is known to soothe irritations, moisturize, have anti-aging benefits, helps to keep your skin acne free, all while maintaining the pH balance of the skin!   This bar is a favorite, with the perfectly matched lavender and mint.  This bar even has ground oatmeal added as an exfoliant.. what more do you need in a natural and delightful soap bar?  It's all here!

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Ingredients Saponified oils of Olives, Coconuts, Soybeans, Corn, & SunflowersOrganic Shea Butter*, Water, Goat's Milk, Ground Oatmeal, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils*