• * Lather Loofah


    Product Description:  This Lather Loofah pouch is just what you need for your new handmade soap!  Made from a soft mesh material, this lather loofa is terrific for stimulating circulation as well as exfoliating your skin.   This is an effective way to sluff away old skin cells and rejuvenate new skin cell growth, all while nourishing your skin with our soaps.  Exfoliation is important so your skin can have that healthy glow!  

    Simply drop your soap in, press and pull the cords, and you are good to go!  Relaxed measuring roughly 6 1/2"L x 2 1/4"W x 1 1/4" H, it gently stretches over your soap bar no problem!  You simply hang it to dry with the soap still inside.  It works quite well with all of our handmade soaps!  

    The best thing about using this material is that it dries fast, so your soap lasts longer than traditional soap saver bags that don't dry well, causing the soap to melt down quickly.  Use it with one of our bars, or those smaller leftover soap chips, as a clever way not to waste soap!  Now you can use your entire bar of soap easily and in its entirety!  Underwater and full of our soap, your soap will work into a nice lather in this bag.  You then can rub it onto your skin. Our soaps lather so well, it makes using this lather loofah a delight when scrubbing and shaving your legs(ladies)!  This lather loofah comes in multiple color choices, to match every bathroom or a person's favorite color!  The great thing about this is it can hang to dry in your shower after use.  When hung, it doesn't get Ooh-ey-goo-ey melted in the soap dish, which is another way our soap saver helps your soap bar last longer!

    For our family, this is a must-have product.  And by that, we also mean that we must have our own (so we don't have to share)!

    - Please note: All the pics above show a soap bar inside of the lather loofah pouch.  You will be getting just the lather loofah pouch when you add a lather loofah to your cart.

    Now available: soft yellow, hot pink, neon green, white, and Honolulu Blue