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    If so, indicate below which scents you'd like, for which products. You can also select the Lather Loofah Color (white, light yellow, pink, green, purple or blue) & Lip Balm (cherry/peppermint/vanilla)

    We are working to update the gift bag pictures with the exact images. Due to current shipping issues in this world, we can not access the 6-oz Body Butter cups any longer.  We were able to purchase the 9-oz size.  Changing from a 6-oz cup to a 9-oz cup is the reason for the price increase, as we're providing more Body Butter product.  When things get back to normal, we do intend to go back to our 6oz size cups.  

    Make Your Gift Giving Easy!  We can create the ultimate gift bag for any occasion!

    Select The Size Bag, Select The Scent, Select The Occasion, & Tell Us Your Custom Message!

    Note: The Happy Birthday gift bags will include the Happy Birthday Front Label (in the soap scent selected), as shown in 1st photo above, with a matching bag tag.  

    CHOOSE SMALL ($16.05) AND GET:

    1- Soap Bar 5-oz

    1- Lather Loofah

    1- Lip Balm


    CHOOSE LARGE ($39.45) AND GET:

    1-  9-oz skin softening & moisturizing Body Butter (made completely with vegan (plant) ingredients

    2-  Soap Bars 5-oz (We will give one bar in the scent selected.  The 2nd bar will be a complimentary scent we select (or you can indicate which scent you would like during selection (inside the type-in box)).

    1- Lip Balm (100% organic)

    1- Lather Loofah

    Every gift bag will have the above items, plus our story folded small inside and a special occasion gift tag included with a custom message!

    Here are the scent descriptions:

    1000 Kisses 

    Here are One Thousand Kisses, just for you! This Body Butter has a great mixture of sweet white tea and berry fragrances, mixed just right for your delight! This is a popular sweet, light berry scent for women. This Body Butter is whipped to perfection just for you to enjoy any time of the year! 1000 Kisses scent also comes in a soap and bath bomb. 


    Bee Happy Michigan 

    Delightful, sweet and lovely, our Bee Happy Michigan Body Butter scent was brought in by popular demand! When people ask you why you can't stop smelling your arm, tell them, "Don't Worry, It's Bee Happy!". This scent is a perfect balance of honey and almond mixed into our plant oil base for even more heavenly goodness!  This scent is new to our body butter line up, but it's already become a top selling scent!  Bee Happy is also made in soap!  

    Coconut Breeze

    Here's an awesome smelling & our very most popular scented Body Butter! This mouth-watering mixture of tropical coconuts & sweet roasted almonds comes together in this Body Butter & is just an amazing vegan treat for your skin after your shower for full body, or to use as desired, before bedtime, anywhere on your body! You'll have a well-hydrated look when you use our Body Butters consistently. This scent comes in our luxury soap bars, body butter & bath bombs for your enjoyment!  


    A beautiful lavender scent, we think, the best you'll ever find, is gently added to this Body Butter. You'll enjoy this fresh, clean lightly floral scent. A timeless lavender scent, which will make you feel like you are walking through a field of lavenders after a light rain. The essential oil of lavender is also known as a topical aid to calm acne and skin irritations. It's soothing and moisturizing with the delicate fragrance of lavender flowers. Our lavender soap bar & bath bomb are one of our top sellers and now we bring you an equal delight as Lavender Body Butter.

    Lavender Patchouli 

    Lavender: A beautiful and timeless scent, which will make you feel like you are walking through a field of lavenders after a light rain. The essential oil of lavender is also known as a topical aid to calm acne and skin irritations. Take our perfect lavender scent and combine it with the oil of patchouli, and ahhhhh, wow! This a is middle ground patchouli scent perfectly and equally balanced. If you like both these scents, we think you'll really enjoy this Body Butter! This Lavender Patchouli Body Butter scent comes in soap bar also. 


    Pure & bold lemon, this intensely strong scent is lemon zest throughout our creamy, silky body butter. You can really wake up with this lemon fresh scent!  Limoncello scent also comes in a soap and bath bomb.

    Oatmeal, Milk & Honey 

    The light, sweet scent of milk and honey with oatmeal, is just a really nice and subtle. It's a soothing feeling, with satisfaction for your skin in this thick and creamy body butter! Give your skin what it's craving, some OMG! Oatmeal, Milk & Honey body butter so you can experience for yourself a luxury skin delight! This Oatmeal, Milk and Honey scent also comes in a soap and bath bomb.


    Passionate is the scent that women love to wear! It has a slightly exotic mixture of passion fruit, pineapple, and grapefruit that screams of sweet, wild succulence! This is a light scent that people will enjoy and smell on you when you walk in the room. It's wildly popular and reminiscent of Love Spell from Victoria Secrets. Passionate scent also comes in a soap and bath bomb.  

    Patchouli Sandalwood 

    This Body Butter is for your patchouli lovers! Want a great patchouli scent lasting throughout your day? Use our super moisturizing vegan Body Butter and enjoy!  Excellent for use right out of the shower, and again at night before bed! This Sandalwood Patchouli Body Butter scent comes in soap bar and we do have a Patchouli Power Bath Bomb also.


    Pumpkin Wicked – Seasonal

    This is an AMAZING warm harvest scent boasting cloves & cinnamon with light pumpkin. Your skin will have a soft delightful scent all day with Pumpkin Wicked. This will keep your skin super soft and well moisturized. Cinnamon & Clove are also both known to be good to help with acne.  Pumpkin is known to help soften the skin and boost its collagen production to prevent the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

    Spartan Swirl 

    This amazing body butter is for those who love the freshness of aloe, along with just a nice, clean scent. It has a refreshing, slightly manly, clean fresh scent, nothing more, nothing less. Both men & women enjoy this Body Butter. This Spartan Swirl scent also comes in a soap and bath bomb.

    Surf's Up! 

    Go from average to awesome with this great fresh scent! Indulge your skin with this light fresh musky scent! This scent is simply the freshest and leans more masculine/musky for a Body Butter! But both men & women really enjoy this scent!  Have some fun & try out this popular, top-selling body butter fresh scent.  This Surf's Up! scent also comes in a soap and bath bomb.



    Our organic Shea Body Butter really is amazing! It feels so good when rubbed all over your skin after a shower, from head to toe! This unscented Body Butter is just of our plain and simple vegan ingredients! If you're someone who doesn't like all sorts of combined scents on your skin, our unscented Body Butter is the perfect way to indulge your skin in pure luxury, while not adding additional scents to your skin! Our Unscented "non-scent" also comes in a soap bar. 


    Vanilla Berry 

    This scent is seriously awesome! You will have a light scent of vanilla and black raspberries left on your skin for you to enjoy each day. This is a perfectly balanced body butter with just enough of each scent.  Not strong enough that everybody will smell it in the room, just a hint for yourself to enjoy. Vanilla Berry scent also comes in a soap and bath bomb.